“The awful impression done by the Udine’s students, interviewed by the regional RAI (National Broadcast) on the occasion of the Remembrance Day, could be easily and conveniently charged to the lack of their teachers if today we still really could ascribe to them – to their capability, discretion and will – a substantial power and weight in the Italian scholastic system. In Italy and in Friuli, right now, public school is more and more at the mercy of the parents, too often bad “trade unionist” of their children, ready to protect them from an ever more rare, healthy, yet oppose Sternness – and quality – of their teacher…” This is an excerpt of the note released by the Fogolâr Civic presidency following the unhappy confirmation of the historical lack of preparation about the Foibe tragedy showed to the microphones of the Italian television by some students of the Udine’s school gathers to the official commemorations.

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