In 1478 a group of about 600 men, 600 common citizens, miners, farmers, opposed a courageous resistance against the Turkish hordes who tried to get into the Friulian territory, just like that of the 300 Spartans who sacrificed themselves to defend the freedom of their homeland and just like the braves Spartans, they all perished in the battle. Their remains now lie beneath the Church of St. Nicholas in the town of Coccau venue in which the fateful battle took place and where, 537 years after a handful of citizens and associations, gathered under the initiative of Fogolâr Civic and Academie dal Friûl, together with the Association of the decorated fighters: Nastro Azzurro and the UNESCO club of Udine, attended a holy mass in their honor. Purpose of the event, which was attended by various political, social and voluntary service associations, has been the recovery of the memory of this event of which there was no more knowledge and to honor those who sacrificed themselves, abandoned by local authorities, for the defense of their own people and their freedom, an event that could turn into an example, a tribute to the civic spirit for the defense of the common good!

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