A cheerful and friendly meeting with the Udine city Mayor, prof. Furio Honsell, has started, the inauguration, in the Ambaraba’s bar, of the neighborhood ballot box of the: “Popular census of the contemporaries’ misdeeds for a new Friulian Constitution of the local and universal Values” promoted by the Fogolâr Civic in concert with the Club UNESCO of Udine. “A good occasion for do, all of us, a self-critical examination above our contribution to the promotion of the common good.” Said the mayor recalling even the famous motto of JFK: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!” “In fact we are more interested in promote and defend democracy more as a method instead of a content, more as a mechanism instead of as a civility horizon.” Has commented Honsell expressing is appreciation to the friendship promoter and is praises to the Udinese painter, prof. Michele Galliussi, author of the artistic ballot boxes designed for the unique social-cultural consultation. In his speech, the movement counselor for the Mercatovecchio’s quintiere, Mr. Sergio Bertini, has confirmed, in the presence of the mayor, his obligation to work on the territory for propose again in the modernity a social-experienced of aggregation and popular communication. Later the mayor has received from the hand of the Fogolâr Civic chancellor, Mrs. Jole Deana, the 2014 social annual report, a little book containing the testimonies of the ample and eager activity of the Fogolâr Civic. At the meeting are intervened even the councilor members Mr. Paolo Perozzo and Mr. Natale Zaccuri. Among the social representations are intervened the movement’s counselors: Mr. Sergio Bertini, Mrs. Antonietta Monzo Menossi, Dr. Maria Luisa Ranzato, Mrs. Marisa Celotti, Mrs. Jole Deana, Dr. Carlo Alberto Lenoci and Mr. Gianfranco Savorgnan. Particularly appreciate the presence of two historical Fogolâr Civic promoters: the professor Mrs. Gianna Bianchi and Mrs. Vittoria Sacchetti.

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