On January 8th, 2015, the presidency of the “Fogolâr Civic” commented, with a note, the barbarians terroristic attacks in Paris: “The due common blame towards the evil terroristic attack to the satirical paper Charlie Hebdo head office let Europe to find again an ancient bond around greats values, without cede, however, into the temptation of an uncritical celebration of an Occidental freedom of press in the name of which, not infrequently, are censured or oppressed the common and individual dignities and feelings. […] Not, then, in defense of that Western world we have to operate but in defense of a Western world that is harmonized in his reference point values, not enslaved by a “Freedom tyranny” that in practice confuse the inviolable right to disagree with the power of deride and offend the others sensibilities. Said this, the ultra-millennial European civilization, […] in principle, cannot accept to be keep in check on its own territory by a culture that is historically foreign and increasingly more affecting in the usual life of the Old Continent”.

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