A Committee of Alpine-Adriatic Civic Cultural Movement “Fogolâr Civic” composed by President prof. Alberto Travain and from territorial advisors Mr. Sergio Bertini, Dr. Carlo Alberto Lenoci, Mr. Francesco Nicolettis, Mr. Gianfranco Savorgnan and collaborator Mr. Adriano Zoccolo, has distributed in public places of the historic centre of Udine a printed addressing for summon the Citizens attention on the miserable Italian and also unfortunately Friulian, costume, to replace, free of charge, the national language with English. “To the people of Udine and Friuli…” or “A la int di Udin e dal Friûl che no i ten masse ale marilenghe…” (It means: “To the people of both, Udine and Friuli, who does not care about his mother-tongue.”): this is the provocative dedication of the leaflet. “‘Jobs Act?’ ‘Privacy’? ‘Welfare’? In the South of the Alps, Udine included, even the ending-season-sales are no more written in national language! ‘Sales’? We are stupidly selling off identity and dignity and we cannot give the blame, as usual, to immigrants!”. Do not get me wrong, nothing against British or Americans or against a language which, along with others booming-languages, can certainly be a valid international connection. Total disagreement rather to some useless and inappropriate linguistics retreats that say all over the self-esteem of both Italians and Friulians, arrogances, now technical now youthful, that will eventually go to discriminate those who, in their homeland, are entitled to “locally-live” without having to learn English or other “exotic” languages.

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